About Domain Names

Registering a Domain Name
Our hosting packages require the use of a domain name and we provide an affordable and easy domain name registration and management service. Our domain registration service allows you to set nameservers, web forwarding, email forwarding, domain parking and more yourself through the WiserHosting Client Area interface. You can check the price list here.


Transferring Domain Names
WiserHosting.com hosting packages are based on domain hosting, and once you own a domain name you have basically two options:

1) You can simply change the nameserver settings for your domain name as shown under the 'WiserHosting Nameservers' heading below, allowing your WiserHosting services to work with your domain name. The nameserver settings can be changed yourself if you have domain management facilities such as those offered by WiserHosting, or you can request that your current domain registrar make the nameserver changes for you.

2) You can transfer the registration of your domain name entirely to WiserHosting. To do this simply initiate the transfer-in of your domain name from your existing registrar using the 'Transfer Domain' option on the Shopping Cart Order Form. You should ensure that the domain name is unlocked (Status: OK) and has not already expired. It is also important that the 'Administrative' contact email address on record for the domain name is up to date and working, non-UK domain name transfers rely on a response from this contact email address for the transfer to succeed. If you need to update this administrative contact email address you should contact your current registrar. For the transfer in of UK domain names (.co.uk .org.uk .me.uk) you should simply instruct the releasing registrar company to change the IPS Tag to: ENOM 

(You can use this WHOIS tool if you are unsure of who your domain registrar is, and to check the administrative contact email address on record) 

You should set your domain NAMESERVER details as shown below. (if your domain name is currently registered with WiserHosting you can manage the nameservers from your Client Area).







(if your domain name is registered with WiserHosting you can manage the nameservers from your Client Area).

About UK Domain Names
Unlike other domain name extentions, UK domain names (.co.uk, me.uk, .org.uk) use what is called an IPS Tag (assignedby Nominet http://www.nominet.org.uk) to identify and designate the organisation acting as the domain registrar. When transfering your UK domain name to WiserHosting you must instruct your current registrar to change the IPS Tag to ENOM (i.e option.2) above). If the ownership of the domain name is also to be changed on transfer, then you must contact Nominet direcly and advise them of the change of ownership, and follow their instructions. The Nominet telephone number is +44(0)1865 332244 (Lines open 8am - 6pm) or Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Note: unfortunately some companies charge a fee to release domain names for transfer to another company, and such charges are beyond our control.

How Long Does it Take to Transfer a Domain?
If you are transferring control of your domain name from your existing registrar to WiserHosting then the time taken will largely depend on how quickly your registrar acts on the transfer request. There is a maximum allowed period of 5 days for your current registrar to act on a transfer request before the request will be cancelled. If you aim to start using your transferred domain name quickly with our hosting service, then you are advised to ask your releasing registrar to change the nameservers BEFORE initiating the domain name transfer. 

Time To Chill ...

After changing the Nameservers it will usually take between 1 to 12 hours for the new domain name settings to propagate throughout the Internet and take effect.

(If you need to view your website for development purposes during the domain transfer period, you can use the temporary web address (url) detailed in your welcome email, or you can ask us to set up a subdomain of wiserhosting.com to be set up for this purpsose).